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We (the team of enthusiasts) intend to collect all information relating to paragliding in a unified database. We want to create a system of knowledge necessary for people interested in enhancement of flight safety, pilot training efficiency, improving dynamic characteristics, development of all aspects of paragliding. This event affects the entire global paragliding community. Everyone's engagement is welcome.

Search problem

Pilots need information about wings, harnesses, emergency parachutes, backpacks, devices, accessories. Where to find it?

  1. Search engines.
    In a chaotic way, they offer various information of a private nature (sometimes of very doubtful authenticity) and aggressively intrusive advertising of new products actively promoted by manufacturers.
  2. Magazines.
    Contain reviews with incomplete data, which are clearly not enough for comparison and analysis, and usually these are reviews of new products of the market, often also for the purpose of more successful promotion and advertising.
  3. Forums.
    May be a source of wild and inaccurate information.

The argument "All information is on the manufacturer's website" is deceptive.
Firstly, finding a manufacturer’s website is often not an easy task.
Secondly, the information there is generally incomplete and not systematic. Each manufacturer has it organized differently, so it is not always possible to find any specific data for comparison.
Thirdly, it is usually not known in advance how the manufacturer is called, whose site should be found in order to search for the desired topic there.

As practice has shown, a good source, trusted by consumers, are websites specialized in a certain segment of knowledge, containing accurate, complete and systematized information, as a rule, with a convenient interface.

Universal database

One of the most complete paraglider databases was Although information it offered concerned only wings, and the rest of the paragliding equipment was not covered, yet the value and importance of such a database was high. This became especially clear when a useful resource was unavailable.

Encyclopedic information resources can not be overestimated, they are very convenient, save time and provide in the most complete form exactly the data that is needed at the moment.

We are going to create a universal database-encyclopedia, a center of information on paragliding.

Basic principles:

  • Any information on paragliding is in the Database.
  • Any information that is in the Database is easy to find.
  • Most of the information found to be trustworthy.

Let's start with paragliders

Paragliders are what our database will start with.

There is a lot of information about the wings that were created earlier. But manufacturers do not stand idle in their developments. According to our information, about eight new models appear on average each month from various manufacturers.

We want to achieve that Paragliding database becomes the main source of relevant and reliable information on both old and new products. First, it will be wings followed by other types of equipment in due course.

Information value and quick access

Data is most valuable when it is accurate and timely. A unique identifier of any product can be the "Manufacturer Name - Model Name" combination. For a connoisseur, this is a key phrase, full of meaning and inner content, but it does not mean anything to someone who has never met it. A reader who is not familiar with the phrase misses it when reading, because to clarify the details, it is necessary to spend a lot of time searching the Internet, and it’s not a fact that the required information will eventually be discovered. Such a situation is detrimental for everyone, as for potential consumers reading the text so for manufacturers of the equipment.

But if the information is “at hand”, at a distance of one mouse movement, then why not take a look? Surely there will be valuable data. And it will be useful to learn something about a new model.

Now imagine that as soon as the text mentions the "Manufacturer Name - Model Name" combination when you hover your mouse cursor over it, a card pops up with a photo, a logo and a link to the full description.


This function can be implemented in blogs, forums, on message boards, on any site. The necessary condition is the presence of a unified source. And in order administrators of receiving sites do not doubt its reliability and security, it must have a positive reputation and be generally recognized.

We want to create a unified database of paragliders and other equipment, containing, if possible, all models that interest consumers, providing well-structured data, allowing information update, error control and discussion of everything without flood.

What is the system

  1. For each model, there is a page where you can get full information.
    1. Sizes for a specific model, characteristics for each size.
    2. Possible design options.
    3. Schemes.
    4. Applied materials.
    5. Test results.
    6. Security Certificates
    7. Opinions of famous pilots.
    8. Dealers contacts, where to order, see, try.
  2. A complete table of sizes and characteristics of a particular model can be obtained by API.
    1. Any site can upload this data to the page.
    2. The data contains a link to the source.
  3. Benefits of centralized information
    1. Better indexed by search engines.
    2. Easier to follow the reliability, accuracy and relevance.
    3. There is no disagreement between sources, because the source is one.
    4. Information spreading from the center to the periphery will reach the consumers faster.
  4. The ability to discuss and update the characteristics.
  5. The accumulation and adjustment of related information.
  6. Collecting grades: general and by individual indicators.
  7. Any site can design its own interface to select products by certain parameters.
  8. There is no need to send your data to all reference sites and directories, and then to check, correct and argue.
  9. On any sites, forums, bulletin boards, you can make a pop-up card with a link to the source page.
  10. You can make beautiful templates for bulletin boards.
  11. Convenient requests for data entry and correction of errors.
    Discussion of doubtful data.
  12. Feedback from pilots will help to clarify and correct the shortcomings of the current model when creating the next one.
  13. It is easier to focus on the level of development of the whole industry.
  14. Technical innovations available to the attention of end users.

Together we'll definitely create it

We take on

  1. Hosting.
  2. Design of page structures, coordination with sources.
  3. Interfaces with users and external sites.
  4. Regular updating of data, search for new sources.
  5. Data-vetting system.
  6. Errors and changes reporting.

Your contribution

  1. Opinions, comments, suggestions, tips.
  2. Popularization of the database in thematic circles.
  3. Data provision and verification.
  4. Participation in the project development.

The convenience of working with information on paragliders and related equipment, the unified trustworthy source and the ability to make information easy to access will significantly increase the chances of manufacturers in making their designs known and finding their customers.


Our task at the preliminary stage is to prepare the field of activities, inform as many people as possible, find those who are not indifferent, take into account as many opinions and opportunities as possible.

We ask you not to stand aside and send the page's link to anyone who might be interested. We would be very much happy if it reaches the attention of all such people. If you have an opportunity to post the link in any forums, we will be grateful.

We kindly ask you to inform us if you have any comments and suggestions on the text of this document, on its translation into your language and its improvement

To support the project: Post me links by email to add me to newsgroups or members